Disability & Accident Insurance

For anyone who has ever experienced a disability, they know missing time off from work is to be avoided at all costs. With disability insurance, you are provided with either a monthly amount of money or a lump sum (depending on the company) in order to alleviate the stress of experiencing a disabling injury. E. Espiritu Financial Inc., has built great relationships with Insurance Companies in order to protect your income. For more information, click the button below for an obligation free consultation. 

Since accidents can happen at any point of your life, it is imperative to consider having coverage with Accident Insurance. Also, this includes dismemberment of any limbs which a lump sum of money will be given depending on the limb. There are countless stories of people suffering the consequences of an accident and not having any Accident Insurance. At E. Espiritu Financial Inc., we will listen to your needs and provide the best solution that would suit your current lifestyle. For more information, please click the button below to contact us for an obligation free consultation. 

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