Critical Illness Insurance

For most people, they have come across someone who has or had a diagnosed Critical Illness. At E. Espiritu Financial Inc., we understand the challenges that a critical illness diagnosis can bring along with the emotional weight that affects families. We are committed to providing the most current products with an up to date list of illnesses. Many people try to go through life without critical illness insurance which usually ends up passing on financial strain onto their loved ones. Here at E. Espiritu Financial Inc., we recognize this problem and will do what it takes to give you the best coverage for your needs. Furthermore, we have built relationships with many different Insurance Companies and so there is a solution for everyone. Lastly, if you are covered with Critical Illness Insurance and you are diagnosed with an illness listed on your policy, you will receive a lump sum amount equal to the amount on your contract. For more information please click the button below to contact us for an obligation free consultation. 

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